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SieMatic is a German kitchen manufacturer. The company was founded in 1929 and has its headquarters in Löhne, North Rhine-Westphalia. It delivers its products to over 60 countries worldwide. SieMatic is considered among the best-known German luxury brands. Since 1998, Ulrich W. Siekmann has been Managing Director of SieMatic, the third generation of his family to run the company.

Eric mentioned, "So this is the second negative review I'm giving SieMatic. Things that went wrong:

  • Design improperly considered obtuse wall angles. Granted most homes will be working with right angles, but SieMatic was aware of the situation (through on-site visit and measurements). The delivered cabinets did not fit (they were 6 inches too long, so not even close). If properly done, the design process should have measured the obtuse angle in order to determine the proper spacing.
  • One of the panels was manufactured to the wrong size which requires a lengthy wait for manufacture and shipping from Germany. Thankfully, it was an end piece, so we were able to still move forward with templating.
  • Colors on certain shelves were changed from what we approved and what was shown on our renderings. Representative said the colors were changed, but this is not true. The bottom line that is if the colors were changed, then the renderings should have been updated or there should have been some record of the change-- there was not.
  • Color on an interior panel were changed-- representative said the factory may have decided to match the panel to a different part of the cabinet for us?! I guess thank you but no thank you mr. design-conscious factory worker?
  • Certain critical, custom hardware pieces were shipped in short supply. Representative was great- had extras delivered to our job site.
  • Labeling on the build plans did not match labels on the product in many instances, and several labels did not match any items on the build plans. Representative indicated this was the fault of our installer, and that we should have gone with the SieMatic installer, but representative could not figure out the plans either and needed to email headquarters to get answers. Either support third-party installation or don't... All manufacturers do things slightly differently, so clarity is still paramount.
  • Delivery person was angry and uncooperative about job logistics, so delivery was not completed on time. Representative was amazing in dealing with the delivery person and managing the follow-up to complete the delivery and make sure all pieces were delivered undamaged. Honestly, most companies just have you suffer delivery alone... SieMatic really only missed their own high bar here, and the high bar was highly appreciated."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Every person in upper management who is responsible for running the US HQ office completely lacks any experience in the kitchen design industry. Complete lack of understanding of build-outs, cabinet installation, or product knowledge. They simply have no clue what they are selling. There’s no stable foundation to this company. Huge disappointment and a lot of frustration while working there. Severely underpaid with no annual bonus or raises. Favoritism, sexism, rules changing from day to day depending on mood of upper management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a failing company. Don't waste your time working here. The pay is extremely low for all the work that you put in."

Former Employee - U S HQ says

"SieMatic in the U.S. is a small company struggling to grow. Its upper management has seen a lot of turnover in the past 5 years, so it's hard to provide a review of the overall company culture. The company is selling a luxury brand but paying salaries significantly under market rates (with job descriptions and compensation not always representing the actual role and responsibilities), with department budgets set far too low."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unfortunately, SieMatic's best days seem to have passed and the once iconic trail blazer of the industry has stumbled into one quality crisis after another. Although the numbers are kept under lock & key, sales continue to dwindle and product quality remain subpar, thus SieMatic finds itself in financial distress. Possibly a sale to private equity and a restructuring of senior management would help generate new momentum. It's a very hierarchical place and the true corporate culture seems dated and dusted. There are more people leaving than there are coming... do the math."

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"The pay was mediocre at best, but that may be because the company was struggling financially. I am hoping they were able to turn it around."

Former Employee - Designer says

"The company's U.S. operations has not yet perfected how to maintain company showrooms on a national level. As a result there is ineffective support in what should be its goal-selling & meeting the demands of an elite client demographic. The internal corporate climate is one of neglect instead of helpful & responsive. The product line needs to better represent the companies stated intent to make it applicable to more diverse interior applications."

Former Contractor - Designer says

"No flexibility on design and too many restrictions."

london says

"I ordered a SieMatic kitchen in March of 2016. In June they installed the wrong kitchen but refused to believe it. 2.5 long months later they finally came, took one look and admitted it was wrong. So 3 months after that they installed the new kitchen---but something must have gone awry in the production process because not all the panels were the same colour. Again, they refused to believe it---finally came, did a scan and lo and behold--there are literally different shades of blue panels next to each other instead of a uniform look. Their own scans show different colours and they emailed me to confirm this.

They DO NOT take responsibility for their errors and attempt to blame the buyer. They are now refusing to fix the wrong panels nor refund the 'custom colour' charge. I'm stuck with a ridiculous looking kitchen with 3 shades of blue. For the money, I expected a company that cared about providing a good service--instead I got stonewalling, blame and ultimately a refusal to provide what I paid and contracted for. This was a terrible experience at every stage of the process."

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